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Thursday, April 23, 2020

I'm Late!

Hello, gentle readers!
I’m late! I know…but I have a really good excuse. I…forgot what day it was. Seriously. I forgot.
How does that happen? Well, as you know, I’ve been working from home and not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary (like all of you) and one day just kinda flowed into the next…and there you have it. So now, it’s Thursday, a day later than I usually post…but I’m still posting.
How you all doing? Are you like me, losing track of days? Do you find yourself doing things you didn’t have time to do before with this sheltering in place? Or have you become busier?
Considering that I’ve lost my commute time, there’s an extra hour in my day, so I’m trying to put it to good use (my kitchen has never been so clean and I’m cooking more). Does that mean I’m writing more? Truthfully? No. In fact, since I last posted, when I said that I was going to change my routine and get my characters out of limbo, I must admit that Gabe and Andi are still where I left them. Still in limbo, their lips so close to touching! I promised myself that I wouldn’t let the outside world influence my writing. I didn’t realize it would be so much harder done than said. I’m still trying though (I’m one of those…I don’t give up very easily. Some would say I’m stubborn…and they would be right).
Despite everything that’s happening, there is good out there. Acts of kindness and bravery are all over the news feed. People are going above and beyond for their fellow man. And I’m loving that! As you know, I’m all about spreading that kindness.
And I learned something new! I did! I can video chat with my son on Facebook. Had no idea I could do that (I admit to not being technically savvy)! So nice to see his face when I talk to him (and we talk quite a bit…I love the relationship we have…it’s irreverent, lots of teasing, lots of laughing, even when we’re being serious…I like to think he gets his humor from me, but that’s not the truth…he has his father’s humor!).

        Until next time, be safe, be well, and yes, spread that kindness wherever you can.

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