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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dance With the Enemy by Rob Sinclair

This is certainly a dangerous romance.
Carl Logan works covertly for the US government.  He does the things no one wants to hear about, but need to get done.
Angela Grainger's position with the FBI sends her to the same location and case that Logan is placed on.  Granted, she has a lot of secrets that will shock the reader.
Coincidences can be murderous and romance is unexpected, unwanted, and can't be avoided.  The heart has a case of its own.Dance with the Enemy
Logan is placed in London to find out who kidnapped and is probably torturing the US Attorney General.  He hasn't been on assignment for five months, and he holds a vendetta against a party to the captors of the AG.  He's not afraid to use deadly measures.
Grainger is looking for the kidnappers, too.  Amazing that Logan and her end up in the same place at the same time while Logan is following the kidnappers.
Against better judgement, they team together and watch each other's backs.
Sleeping in the same, small hotel room has its temptations.  When nothing else supplies a getaway from the miserable conditions of the investigation, a lot of body heat feels real nice.
A big problem they both realize, is that they can't share all information and repeatedly hold back.  Who's on who's side and how can it be proven after lies and silences?  How will the case end, and will they be able to see each other afterward?
They certainly hope so, and so do I.

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