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Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Hello, gentle readers! 
I am writing this blog on Monday, Labor Day, here in the United States, a day set aside to celebrate hard working men and women. In times past, this is a day usually reserved for barbecues and pool parties, but in the midst of this pandemic, we’ve all turned to doing other things, celebrating in other ways to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.
Do I miss visiting friends? Yes. Do I miss going into the office to work? If I’m being honest, yes and no (I will admit that there are some things I like about working from home – with no one here to see me except my DH and the dogs, I complete my duties in an old t-shirt and shorts – definitely not appropriate for the office). 
So how am I celebrating this holiday? By doing what I love to do when I have some time off…cook and watch movies. And what movie did I watch this morning while my newest batch of spaghetti sauce was simmering in the pot? Kate and Leopold, one of my favorite Hugh Jackman movies (as you all might know, I’m a huge fan of his….not only is he a gifted actor and so utterly handsome, but he’s a devoted family man, which to me, is very sexy -- I even used him as the model for the hero in A Treasure Worth Keeping).
Anyway, Kate and Leopold has everything that I’m looking for in a romantic comedy/fantasy, including that happily ever after I so crave. Now, I’m not saying I believe in time travel (though I think it would be interesting…maybe a little scary. Would I do it given the opportunity? I’m not sure. If I’m guaranteed to come back to the present, I’d love the visit the old west), but I do believe in love and how, when one is in love, nothing is impossible (not even going back in time). I think my favorite parts of the whole movie is how Leopold always treats Kate like a lady, like someone to be not only respected but loved. And I love that.
What about you, gentle readers? What’s your favorite romantic comedy and/or RomCom/fantasy?
Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


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