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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Her Eyes Underwater by Romona Simon

Two psychologically tested personalities run this story based in the 1970's.  

Julia, rich and lonely, put in a law program at the University of Montana by her parents, decides her best option is to go to a warmly established coffee house and pick up the best looking guy she can find. I like the start of this. 

Alex is out to find someone also and stumbles into the same coffee house.  Good looking enough to eat, Julia confronts him as her new prey.  She's quite forward and I can look forward to the results of this. 

Little does she know, but they have something in common.  He's also a student in the same program, which for unknown reasons turns him off.  Maybe he doesn't like smart women, maybe his mood has shifted.

 Romona Simon shifts the characters from law program at a university to law  school, which are drastically different.  I chose to consider the students at a university because they did not take the classes seriously and seldom showed up.  At a law school that would be a dismissal, and I'm afraid the author is not aware of her topic.Image result for Her Eyes Underwater by Romona Simon

I moved on from the education inconsistencies and want to focus on Julia and Alex.  Julia is extremely petty and jealous, so I hope her attitude matures.  Alex has many facets and no one is as handsome as he's portrayed as any female within sight falls and swoons all over him. 

Here's the bloody meat of the story...Alex continually avoids Julia.  Julia chases him, which isn't an attractive attribute, yet I can't help but root for her because he seems to be an ass.

Although, there is an almost sentimental reason he avoids her. 

When women are killed in the community, it's a good thing Julia doesn't follow him everywhere.  The crux to this incident is that the reader must get the next story to see if Alex straightens out and if Julia doesn't have to play hide-and-seek with him.

I prefer a solid ending when a story claims "The End," but if you don't mind, get the next story and fill me in!  

Happy reading!



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