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Monday, September 14, 2020


Today, I am excited to be interviewing Tracy Antorcha, who is chatting with me from Florida.  Welcome Tracy!

Lexi: What makes you happy?
Tracy: Reading good books, purring cats, and the beach

Lexi: What is your favorite dessert?
Tracy:  Cheesecake

 Lexi: What is your favorite color?
Tracy: Purple 💜

Lexi: What is your favorite time of day?
Tracy: Sunrise
Lexi: Why do you like the sunrise? 

Tracy: I like sunrise because it’s the start of a new day, and it’s beautiful. I used to be a ‘night owl’ but after I had kids, that all changed!  Lol  Now that the kids are grown and I am older, I like to go to bed early and get up early.

 Lexi: The only time I see that time of day is if I stay up that long.  LOL

Lexi: Do you collect anything?  If so, what?        

Tracy: Seashells
Lexi: What started you collecting seashells?

Tracy: I stared collecting seashells when I realized there was such a huge variety to be had.  I only collect ones that are visible on the beach, no digging for them and no looking under water for them.  It’s fun to walk on the beach and find them – good exercise, too! 😀

Lexi: My sister loves finding things on the beach as well.  It's wonderful that you respect the environment while still being able to enjoy nature's beauty.  I hear you about the exercise! 

Lexi: If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would you choose?
Tracy: Stephen King
Lexi: You must tell me why you would like to have dinner with Stephen King!
Tracy: I fell in love with Stephen King books in high school.  Someone handed me the book “The Shining” to read, and I was hooked!! My favorite is The Stand, and the Dark Tower series.  I feel he writes about those thoughts that are in the back of your mind (that may be horrible) and that you wrestle with keeping at bay.  Ray and I and the kids went on vacation to Maine on year, and we did a drive by his house.  That was pretty cool! Lol
Lexi:  My favorite book of his is also The Stand. I can't believe you drove by Stephen King's house. How awesome!

Lexi: Where is your flotilla (when it meets)?
Tracy: Currently we are in Florida, not far from Fort Lauderdale.
Lexi: I hope everyone is safe in your flotilla.  I know at least one person in Bob's has had COVID, but the man survived, thankfully.

Lexi: Lets jump into the quickie questions before I let you go!

Hot and spicy or sweet and chaste?  Hot and spicy
Hot weather or cold? Hot
Morning person or night person? Morning
Beach or mountains? Beach
Cats or dogs? Cats
Rent or own? Rent
Gown or sundress? Sundress
Flip flops or sneakers? Flip flops
Cottage or penthouse? Cottage
Recliner or easy chair? Recliner

Lexi: Thanks so much for sharing with me, Tracy.  I enjoyed learning more about you. 😊

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