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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Outfox by Sandra Brown

 When I found a new book by Sandra Brown, I had to get it!  And the read delivered just what I needed.

Drex Easton, an FBI agent not in good standing with his boss, takes a pretend break from his office and sets out on his own.  His mission is to surveil and arrest the man he is sure marries rich woman that eventually disappear.  That includes his mom from many years ago.

Talia Shafer is married to the man, Jasper, that Drex is after.  Talia is rich and beautiful and just what Jasper looks for no matter what alias he's using.  

Which brings Drex to one of the most complicated parts of his mission.  Is Talia Jasper's next victim, or is she in cahoots with him? 

Drex rents an apartment across the street from the two and disguises himself as a writer.  Getting to know the "neighbors", Drex is repulsed by Jasper.  Talia is another story. She's standoffish, yet alluring.  Hard for Drex to figure her out between kisses and rebuttals, but when more women die it becomes time to end the mystery.

Never assume the next page of the story because it will be different!

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