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Monday, September 7, 2020


I recently had a lovely interview with Becky Claxon to get to know more about her and this is what she had to say...

(picture to the left is of Becky and her daughter Heather)

Becky: I’m writing this on August 12, 2020, which is my 67 birthday.  I don’t feel 67, but more like maybe 47.  I have loved to read since a young child.  I used to have all the Nancy Drew books when I was young.  My name is on a plaque (or was) in my hometown in Indiana because of all the books I read.  Needless to say, I always tested out in school as reading three or four grade levels above me. I guess I read a lot because I am an only child and an introvert.  

 My book reading has been up and down as life has been busy or not so busy. I worked for AT&T for six years and was laid off in December 2004.  I started my own business and did a lot of the same work for AT&T but as a contractor. I worked then until 2008. In April 2006 my husband, mother, daughter, son-in-law, grandson and granddaughter moved to North Carolina from Florida. I love winter time and snow.  I am like a little kid when it snows and am the first one out in the morning to go sledding!  In July of 2006 I found out I had breast cancer.  It is not something I would wish on anyone to go through.  I did find out I was a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. I also know that I can live without hair after going through chemo!  Luckily, I am still cancer free.  In 2010 my four generations moved into a large house where we are all able to take care of each other.  My grandson will soon be 17 and my granddaughter is 15.  They have been a bright spot in my life and keep me young.  My mother will turn 92 in October and can still run rings around all of us!

(Becky with grandson, Mateo)

Once I stopped working, I began to read more and more books.  I have a few authors I help with typo corrections and read lots of ARC’s for authors.  If I find a typo for any author, I let them know instead of complaining about it.  It is crazy how five people can look at the same thing and all five may find a typo no one else did.  Funny but it seems none of us are perfect! I probably read around 250-275 books a year.  I love romance, romance suspense, western — I guess I should say that I am not crazy about paranormal or vampire books. Reading allows me to travel to so many different places, be a different person, and make so many friends.  I also become the character in the book.  It usually takes me a few hours to go back to reality after I read a book!

(Becky with granddaughter, Amelia)

This crazy Covid 19 has changed the world so much. My granddaughter and grandson play club volleyball and I love to go to all the cities and different states for their games.  That has been one of the hardest things I have had to adjust to this year as that all ended in March. I missed being able to travel to Florida to see family and friends too. We were blessed that we had an in ground pool put in August of 2018.  It has been relaxing to use the pool since we couldn’t go anywhere. And what is better than floating around reading a book!  I pray this pandemic is over soon so we can get back to normal or at least a new normal.

Lexi: Becky, I love this! And I love your pictures!

Your mom is my hero!  How fun to have your family all together and with a pool as well.  No way to get lonely during Covid that way. 😊 

I'm so glad you are cancer free!  It's great to know someone else prefers tea over coffee.  I really don't like the taste of coffee, even in ice cream!

If you don't mind, one last thing before you go ~ let's dive into the quickie questions.

Beard or no beard?  None

Chest hair or no chest hair? None

Tattoos or no tattoos? None

Rich hero or blue-collar hero?  Rich 

Hero with long or short hair?  Short 

Spicy food - yes or no? No

Coffee or tea?  Tea

Rent or own?  Own

Organized or chaotic mess?  Organized

Sweet or salty?  Salty

Lexi:  Thank you so much for doing this, Becky.  I really enjoyed getting to learn more about you. 😊

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