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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

 When a chance for retribution is handed to you, will you take it?

Sage Singer prefers a solitary life, few friends, male or female, but rather the intricacies of creating and renewing old recipes in the dark of the night at the local bakery.

Josef Weber plays an important humanitarian in the local village.  His ninety-plus age doesn't keep him from being active with the community. He meets Sage at the bakery, and each have an unusual interest in one another.   

It's after Joseph requests Sage's help in a risky plan, that Sage takes her concern to the Justice Department.  Leo Stein responds to  her call.

Leo has a solitary job, too, and the urgency of the familiar story Sage brings to him takes a few discussions to sink in as the real thing.

Before Leo and Sage acknowledge their chemistry, a decades old mystery from WWII must be unraveled to allow their hearts and minds to accept changes in the present.

The parallel story of Sage's grandmother can bring you to tears and an understanding for the need for revenge.  Sage isn't sure it's her duty to mess with a plan bordering on illegal.  Josef doesn't consider if he deserves a relief of his former life.  Leo wants to legally charge the wrongdoer, and then have the chance to get closer to Sage.  

It's up to Sage on what will happen in the end, and that's a huge order.

Deeply riveting and loaded with emotions that will melt you into the pages.

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