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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Badd Motherf*cker: A Badd Brothers novel by Jasinda Wilder

 I have to start the year with a bad, bad, Badd, story to excite all readers of exceptionally naughty romance.

Dru Connolly started her wedding day happy, jittery, and beautiful.  That changed real fast before she walked down the isle.

The next thing she knew, she jumped the first outgoing plane from Seattle to a mystery location that ended up being Ketchikan, Alaska.

It's raining.  The street is wet and muddy along with her wedding dress, which is the only clothes she brought.  She stumbles into a local bar, wondering what the hell she's doing.

Sebastian Badd wonders the same as he watches a beautiful woman full of  anger, tears, and a dirty wedding dress barge into his nearly empty establishment.

Something about her makes him behave his badass self and reach out to help.  

Dru can't imagine a man being what she needs or wants at this point.  

Sebastian doesn't "do" relationships.  One night is long enough.  

So why is Dru staying and why is he holding off jumping her bones for more than an hour?

Okay, they hold off, but then the sparks flare and the grinding begins, and continues, and happens repeatedly.  And it's good.  And they have a connection each one is mystified by.  

What the hell is going on?!  

This is the story to read and take the dull out of January!

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