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Friday, January 8, 2021

Veronica Reviews ~ THE DUKE'S DESIRE by Erica Ridley


The Duke's Desire 
12 Dukes of Christmas, Book 8
Erica Ridley

Historical Romance

Meg Church has embraced her spinster lifestyle. She’s opted to enjoy the freedom of not having a husband dictating what she can or can’t do, and extremely happy being outrageous and bold with what she wants and she’s set her eyes on taking Lucien le Duc as a lover…if only in her fantasies…

Lucien le Duc is determined to leave England and return to his native France. A dream since he had to flee with his family during the revolutionary war, Lucien will let nothing change his mind…well almost nothing…there just happens to be a beautiful outspoken woman that may just make him think twice on his feelings of all things English…

Oh I’m so in love with Erica Ridley’s 12 Dukes of Christmas series! These holiday romances are just the right mixture of sweet and heat! Highly recommend!

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