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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

On the Edge, A Dublin Nights Novel by Brittney Sahin

The first two things in this romance are a paradox to me because I love Dublin, Ireland and hate fighting.  So, of course, I had to read this story and find out what Brittney Sahin  creates to make me love the tale.

Granted an internship in Dublin, Anna, filled with excitement and fear, packs up and leaves the U.S. for the summer.  

Her roommate in Ireland is as good as a blind date.  She found Leslie online, the supposed woman who turns out to be a man.  Only she meets Adam instead on her entry of the apartment.

Adam is Leslie's best friend, a fighter - kind of like boxing only worse and illegal, and a billionaire.  Quite the unique combination.  Leslie had been beat up pretty bad in the ring, so Adam is sent to meet Anna.

The meeting of Adam and Anna is uncomfortable, but it is even worse when Anna starts her internship and finds Adam is her boss and owner of the tech company.  

Leslie is still a big part, but hardly seen.  He also fights and lost a lot of money.  Adam had quit fighting, but is put in a position to get his friend out of trouble and ultimately to keep Anna safe.  Adam is blackmailed into returning to the fight, almost a bad addiction for him.

Let's not forget, during the close contact Adam and Anna continually have, they are extremely attracted and can't hide that fact.  I have to like her because she abhors fighting just like me.  He has some hidden good points other than being a fine business man.  Between his looks and charitable goodwill, Anna just might be able to find a good man in him.

Let's hope she gets a job through her internship, can overcome the distance from her family, and he finds a way to stay away from the fighting!

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