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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wild Irish Heart (Mystic cove Series) by Tricia O'Malley

 Get a book in the mail, and you never know what will happen.

Keelin O'Brien received a mysterious, old journal in the mail.  It was from her grandmother, far from Massachusetts in Ireland.  This must mean her grandmother, Fiona, had passed, or why else would she have parted with her secrets?

Keelin knew there was something special about herself, and now was the time to find out.  Also, Ireland would be a perfect place to study the ocean and prepare her thesis.  Mostly, she wanted to know about her grandmother. 

Keelin planned to spend the summer at her grandmother's cottage.  Not only did she walk into a great surprise upon arrival, but she also met several eligible bachelors that had no idea how to woo a lady.  That didn't matter because she preferred different, eccentric, unique, or whatever the Irish way was called. 

Flynn certainly fit all of those, and Keelin still didn't know what to do with him when she got a special feeling every time he turned up.  

No matter, she had more important things to figure out, including what to do with her magic.  Those things that were so different about herself didn't come from her imagination.  She had a lot to learn about how she can help heal the world, or at least the community around her.

Flynn acted as Fiona's handyman.  He was as gorgeous as silent.  Keelin had trouble reading his thoughts, but he popped up at all the right times.  The first indication that he wasn't an ogre appeared as a fury puppy as an  "I'm sorry" for  his distant attitude.

Was there hope for Keelin to finish her thesis, learn her magic, and break through Flynn's hard shell?  The cool nights, a mysterious cove, and the enchanting greenery of Ireland cast its magic on Keelin's visit.

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