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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Iron Earl - A Valor of Vinehill Novel- by K.J. Jackson

 Many daughters of an earl of England are happy to be placed in a marriage, but Evalyn is quite the opposite 

The man her step-father attached her to is evil, physically and mentally.  Her only chance to survive a brutal marriage is to escape.

Lachlan, with hatred for the earl of Lincolnshire, travels from Stirlingshire, Scotland to take revenge on the earl.  Lachlan will inherit his father's land, but loves the life of a soldier.

Evalyn takes the chance and convinces Lachlan to allow her to hide amongst his soldiers when they leave.  Step one-check!

Granted, the men she's traveling with have little use for an addition to their load, especially a female.

Tension prevailed during the journey, Lachlan pretending to pay little attention to his burden.  Although, he does notice she has a lot of strength and she doesn't give up over the roughest of terrain.

Evalyn trusts no men.  Lachlan has no intentions of disrespecting her.  The more he sees of her, the more he decides it's imperative to prove this to her.  

When he realizes he wants to save her, he takes some huge steps in order to keep her hidden and safe.

Evalyn wonders why Lachlan cares about her, yet knows her step-father will eventually come looking for her.  

It can't be that bad to pick an eligible upcoming earl as her savior, so Evalyn takes his lead.  Through the pages, I urged her to trust him and not make stupid choices!

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