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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A New Story? Now? Really?


         Hello, gentle readers. Hope you are well and staying safe. 
So here’s what happened. I’m going along at a steady clip, writing every weekday morning before the day job on my current work in progress when BAM! Out of nowhere comes the opening scene of another story. Now, I knew eventually I’d be working on it…it’s the fourth in a series (the first story is done but hasn’t been submitted to anyone as yet, the second is half-way done, and the third has been started) so why would my brain bypass the end of the second story, completely gloss over the third story and go right into the fourth?
I wish I knew the answer to that question because it seems to happen all the time.
Is it any wonder why it takes me so long to finish a story? Is it any wonder that I have (now) over fourteen manuscripts in various stages of progress (and that doesn’t count all the ideas that are percolating in my brain)?
Well, since that opening scene was in my head and wouldn’t go away, I had to write it. Had no choice really. The voice was persistent! Demanding! Totally unreasonable in regard to what I planned for that morning!
It was him. The hero. And he wasn’t whispering in my ear. He was yelling! I’m not fond of being yelled at so…in order to shut him up (at least for the time being), I did what I was told. That seemed to quiet him and he stopped shouting, but that hasn’t stopped the whispering. And I’m listening to all he’s telling me, jotting down plot points and back story as quickly as he’s giving me the information.
I’m hoping, once he’s satisfied, I can go back to my current work in progress before I lose that tenuous train of thought.
Wish me luck!

Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!


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