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Friday, March 5, 2021

Veronica Reviews ~ CHORDS: HUNTER by Brynn Paulin


Chords: Hunter

Forever Safe Summer Season II

Book 13


Brynn Paulin




Contemporary/Insta-Love Romance (Novella)

“I have no idea what I ever did in life to be as lucky as to find you.  It’s like you’re in my soul.  You’re at the heart of all the songs I’ve written I just never knew it.”


Romy can’t believe her good fortune getting front row seats to her fav band, Hunter!  But when she has a rude encounter with the lead guitarist/song writer, Dray, her rock god idealizing comes crashing down, and Romy spends her time staring daggers at Dray during the concert.  But when the truth behind his actions come to light, Romy gives Dray a second chance.  In their stolen moments together, her heart strings are drawn more and more to this smexxy rock legend, and she’s ready to give him everything…heart, body and soul…


Dray can’t figure out why this beautiful woman is giving him looks that kill.  It’s true he wasn’t his best self earlier, but if she’ll just give him a minute to explain, he has faith all will be forgiven.  Dray will do anything for a second chance at a first impression because there’s something magnetizing about this girl, and he’s gotta make her his own…


Brynn Paulin has brought this chick’s rock star fantasy to life!  Who hasn’t dreamed of running away to tour with their fav band?  This smexxy short is perfect for fans of insta-love and/or rock star romance!  Highly recommend!

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