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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan

 Five generations of witches isn't an easy occupation to retain.  It begins in England in the early 1800's.  Five sisters live in secret of their magic.  Former witches, family or not, have been murdered in torturous ways.  The rouse of a trial amounted in supposition and circumstance.

Nannette knew to be careful, but of all the sisters she had to continue the lineage.  They lived in near recluse, except for the farm market days, and a few necessary visitors.  If nothing else, magic can bring a man to her doorstep and a babe in her womb.  There's a price to pay when using magic.

Daughter after daughter is born to relive the line of witches and use magic when no other options present themselves.  

Veronica, in the more modern twentieth century wants the same, a daughter.  She also wants love.  

Vale'ry is deep in the midst of WWII.  He is on the frontline until he's wounded.  

Veronica tends his wounds, tends his mind, tends to his emotional need. 

Will this be the first kindling out of love, not necessity?  Can love and a daughter be the simple magic Veronica finds?  And a man to love who loves her in return?

Well written and deeply emotional.  The lives of a witch is not as magical as our fantasies would like to create.  It's real life of struggles and pain.  The idea of turning everything perfect with a few magical spells is far from the life the Orchie'res' family of witches will tell you.

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