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Friday, June 11, 2021

Veronica Reviews - A TIME OF END by Kathryn LeVeque



A Time of End

(Executioner Knights #4)


Kathryn LeVeque



Historical Romance

“I think I have loved you since before I met you.”

Alexander de Sherrington, known by his friends as Sherry, is one of the fiercely infamous Executioner Knights.  Deadly to a fault and loyal to William Marshall and England, these knights will follow orders without question.  William Marshall has surrounded himself with devoted agents, and on their next assignment, he has added “the Ghost” to aid Sherry and his crew to determine what new threat is plotting against King John.  While not favored, King John is still their sovereign, and it is their duty to protect him.

Christin de Lohr is smart, witty, fearless, and a spy for William Marshall.  Known as “the Ghost”, Christin is able to ferret out information in ways a man cannot, and she’s quite deadly if the need arises.  Asked to travel to Norwich with Sherry and his men, Christin finds herself growing fond of the legendary knight and surprised he too is falling in love with her.  But when King John sets his sites on the beautiful daughter of his long-time enemy, Sherry is prepared to do battle against any man, even the king himself, to save his beloved.

For over 25 years, the powerful Christopher de Lohr and King John have been at odds.  To keep the peace, William Marshall does his best to keep these two apart, but when King John abducts Christopher’s oldest daughter, Christin, to wed his bastard son, there is no power on heaven or earth that will keep vengeance from being sought by Christopher…unless Christin’s love beats him to it…

If you are new to Kathryn Le Veque’s writing, this is the perfect series to start!  Le Veque is a master storyteller when it comes to medieval romance, and I devoured this romance in one setting!  Anxiously awaiting the next installment and truly wish I could give more than 5 Stars! 

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