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Friday, June 25, 2021

Veronica Reviews - THE FIRST BULLET by Rachel Rivers


The First Bullet

(West Echo #1)


Rachel Rivers



Romantic Suspense

“I understand you’re feeling alone in that hole, but you don’t have to be there alone.  I’ll sit with you in the dark until you can pull yourself out…I’m willing to fight for you until you can fight for yourself.”

Brock Doughty has taken an oath to protect and serve the citizens of Knoxville.  Since a young boy, his dream has always been to be a police officer in order to help protect his community.  Now that very community is being plagued by a crime spree of robberies, and Officer Doughty is determined to bring them to justice.  Following up on a call, he pulls over a vehicle matching the description of the robbers…except it’s not the suspects, it’s a beautiful woman, Maria Moretti, who’s developed a prickly attitude towards the Thin Blue Line.  Brock is both intrigued and attracted by Maria’s demeanor, and is determined to discover what put that chip on her shoulder…and offer his to comfort and support this woman who has stolen his heart…

Maria Moretti has not had a good experience with the boys in blue.  While she knows that there are good and bad people in all walks of life, she’s struggled with overcoming a darkness in her past…one that threatens to devour what is left of her soul.  That is until the night she’s pulled over by Officer Doughty, and she takes a chance on a man she knows is all wrong for her…but in all the ways that matter, he’s perfect.  When Brock has his own encounter with the darkness she knows all too well, Maria has to make a decision that could change both of their futures…forever…

The First Bullet is an amazing story of how quickly life can break you…but also reminds there is always light leading you out of that darkness if you only know where to look.  This smexxy romantic kick ass book is a must read!  Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!  Highly recommend and can’t wait for the next installment to the West Echo series!

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