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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Accidental Text by Becky Monson

 The only way to handle a difficult loss is to text them.  Even if they are dead.

Maggie's mom passed after a hard battle of cancer in the heat of Phoenix.  Maggie resorted to texting her mom's phone, making sure no one else touched the phone and found her out, to keep the connection alive.

Maggie's brother, sister, and father work together at the family's car-wrapping business.  Plenty people around for Maggie to talk to, but she requested that her dad kept her mom's phone line paid for for a little while.

Well, the number was paid for and a mysterious recipient reads the texts and finally answers.

How ironic, but Chase just lost his mom, too.  

An interchange of texting and a couple innocent meet-ups, brings two sad and lonely hearts together.  Granted, it can't be perfect because that only happens in the movies.  What would the family think of how they met?  Do they need each other for more than just consolation?  

A cute and simple story , which doesn't go deep into personalities or plot.  If you're in for an easy, peaceful read, this story will fill the glass.

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