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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Other Than Romance

I love romances! That’s no surprise to anyone, but would it shock everyone to know I love horror stories too? Probably. I don’t look like a person who would fall in love with Stephen King, John Saul, VC Andrews and Dean Koontz (I smile a lot, my thoughts and actions are very positive and I’m told I have an optimistic outlook). Yet, there’s something that draws me to these horror mavens. 

I read Salems’ Lot when I was fourteen. It was my first introduction to horror and to the man himself. Quite an impression that book and the author made on me. 

The house was silent as everyone was sleeping and it was quite late, around two in the morning. I was in my room, reading under the covers with a flashlight because I should have been sleeping too. My windows were open to allow the first chill of autumn (my favorite time of year) to take away the heat of summer. My bedroom door was open as well, just a bit. Chills are running up and down my spine, the silence of my surroundings amplifying my terror.

I’m getting to the part where young Danny Glick is ready to knock on the window (vampires, which I didn’t know, need to be invited into your house) when a gust of wind slammed my door shut. Well, the book went flying from my hands, the blankets went flying off and me and my little flashlight spent the rest of the night hiding under the bed!

I’d never been so frightened in my life! And I loved it!

Do you read horror stories as well? And what was your favorite? Which one made you want to crawl under the bed and hide until the light of day?

Happy Reading!

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