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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: You Never Can Tell by Kathleen Eagle

Spend time in northern Minnesota where it’s easy to hide away from the rest of the world.  And from yourself.

Eagle takes you to this state to meet Kole Kills Crow, a Native American who used to be loved by his culture and had a look women couldn’t resist.  In his former life Kole led movements for Native American rights along with his best friend, Barry.

Arrested for one such movement, Kole covered for Barry and became the prisoner.  After an unsolved murder on prison grounds, Kole escaped and fled to The Land of a Thousand Lakes. 

This is where freelance writer, Heather Reardon, hunts Kole down after researching his activities for years.  She wants to write about his life and what the Native American’s rights mean to him.

She quickly realizes he has more than one story.  Yes, he was a renegade.  Yes, he hides in the northern woods from a crime he didn’t commit.  And yes, he has a side that needs a woman.  That’s the side he forgot about and is caught off-guard by Heather’s innocence and beauty.

Sounds simple, yet Kole needs to close the door on his past and find out if Barry set him up.  With or without Heather, Kole plans a road trip to Hollywood where Barry is good at playing parts as an actor should be.  You won’t know until the last scene if Heather can help heal Kole’s scars from a life of danger and risk.

Also an educational read as Kathleen Eagle taught many years on an Indian reservation, which afforded her knowledge of their heritage.  Realistic and heartrending.      


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