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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts

On an estate secluding itself away from the rest of Hollywood, lives Eve Benedict.  As an actress, Eve has many faces the world has watched for decades.  She keeps her beauty, her men, and many secrets with her age.

For an unknown reason she considers it time to hire a biographer, Julia, and tell her life secrets.  The secrets will embarrass many and ruin others.

Threatening notes appear on Julia’s doorstep and Eve’s dresser.  Accidents happen and the research for the biography continues.  Eve’s step-son, Paul, wants to protect them.  His personal bond with Eve and the heartstrings for Julia aren’t enough to halt their progress on this deadly mission.

Paul’s attention doesn’t stop the first murder or the second. 

I salute Roberts’ ability to bring a large cast to life.  Many personalities with genuine conflicts about the lies told come to a boil.  One murder broke my heart and the other was well deserved.   Everyone played a part in the game of secrets and each dealt with their exposure in unique ways.

The murderer’s secret is the most deceptive and the hardest to unearth. And the most important.  Without an answer, Paul will never have Julia.  



  1. This sounds like a great book. I love Nora, especially when she combines her awesome romantic flair with her deadly mystery talent. Thanks for the review!

  2. Dawn,
    Nora needs to pay you for this review! I'm going to buy the book, thanks to you. Esp ur last sentence...It made me say, ooooooooh...Nice job...


  3. Hi Laura,
    You're welcome! I love to write reviews for well-written books that keep me interested throughout. My reviews are always about books I enjoyed and that I'm sure others will, also. If I read a book that doesn't catch me, I won't review it because I refuse to slander an author that someone else may like. Nora has her own great style and I will definitely read others of hers!

    So glad the review intrigued you! I think Nora put extra time into this one with so many supporting characters who all played important roles.