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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Desert Dreams Conference in Scottsdale Arizona April 27th - 29th

The Desert Dreams conference in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona is coming up soon (end of April….I can’t wait!). I love this conference! It’s big enough to draw really great authors and editors and agents, but small enough to be intimate and friendly and what can beat Arizona’s weather in April?
 This year marks the fifth time I’ve attended and the excitement and anticipation is the same as the first time. The opportunity to meet authors you’ve read and loved is nothing short of fabulous. The workshops are, again, nothing short of fabulous. To listen to a writer you love is awe-inspiring (and yes, I’m such a fan-girl, I can’t help gushing over one or two or ten or twenty!). I’ve learned so much from these talented, gracious people that now I am a published author.
There’s also an opportunity to pitch your manuscript to an editor or agent, something you shouldn’t miss even if you are nervous. In my experience, every agent and editor I have pitched to has been kind and sweet and do their best to put you at ease.  
So if you are a writer and have a manuscript to pitch or want to learn something from a workshop or just want to rub elbows with your favorite author, come to the Desert Dreams conference. You’ll love every minute of it as I do!  


I completely agree with Marie. This wonderful conference is only offered once every two years, so if you write romance, you don't want to miss it.  This will be my third Desert Dreams Conference and I love it too! Registration ends March 31st, so sign up now!

Agents and editors attending include:
Brenda Chin - Editor, Harlequin       
Deni Dietz - Senior Editor, Five Star                        
Rose Hilliard - Editor, St. Martin’s Press      
Carolyn McCray - Founder, Indie Book Collective Indie Publishing
Jill Corcoran - Agent, The Herman Agency
Michele Grajkowski - Agent, 3 Seas Literary
Holly Root - Agent, Waxman Literary
Jennifer Schober - Agent, Spencerhill Associates
Rebecca Strauss - Agent, McIntosh & Otis
Cherry Weiner - Agent, Cherry Weiner Literary

Plus the rooms are suites that include a full breakfast and only $149 a night for two people! 

Keynote speakers include
NY Times Best Selling Author Allison Brennan
Martha Alderson, AKA The Plot Whisperer
NY Times Best Selling Author Bob Mayer 

Seriously, if you write romance, you do not want to miss this conference, so I have included the link for your convenience :-) See you there!


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