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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: LETHAL by Sandra Brown

Okay, so Honor Gillette’s young daughter informs her that a man is lying in their Louisiana backyard.  He looks sick.

Sounds like a typical start to a romantic suspense novel.  Don’t be fooled when you pick up one of Sandra Brown’s novels because she never stops with the twists and irony made from the most “normal” scenes.

Honor runs out to check who’s taking a break in her yard.  He’s covered in blood.  And he’s alive.

Lee Coburn is more alive than she suspected.  At his earliest convenience he takes Honor and her daughter hostage.   He claims Honor has something left behind by her dead husband, a former police officer.

Honor finds out that Coburn is accused of murdering seven men the night before.  She’s even more horrified as the plot swells to include her much loved father-in-law, two police officer friends, and an unknown crime boss and his “employees.”

Not knowing who to trust as the murder investigation unfolds, she turns to trusting her gut instinct, seasoned with unwanted feelings from her heart.  But which man can she really trust?  Is it any of the men she’s trusted for years?  Who won’t make her a target?

The bullets will fly in the story as fast as the pages will turn when you pick up Lethal.    



  1. I love everything Sandra Brown has written and Lethal sounds like a great read. I'll have to pick it up (and add it to my TBR pile)!


  2. This one didn't go on the TBR pile as I picked it up at the library on book club night. I was amazed that it was available as it's Sandra's latest, so I scooped it up and protected it from getting into anyone elses hands. I am now fulfilled*sigh and smile*.