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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: COLD HEARTED by Beverly Barton

Jordan Price’s unlucky number is seven.  Seven men and women she’s loved through her life, husbands, friends, and some just in the way, have died.

It’s when her current husband, Senator Price of the peach tree state, dies, or is murdered, that the police become interested.  Price’s family also hires a private detective agency to dig deeper than the locals have the funds for. 

When PI Rick Carson meets Jordan, he first thinks she’s quite the cold hearted and unsympathetic widow.  Yet there’s something about her quiet dignity that leaves him to question her as a pick for a suspect in the death of her husband and all the others she’s known. 

There were many other family members present during the deaths of the seven people, and Rick doesn’t give up on finding out who’s the true murderer.  He’s also guilty of personal feelings for the main suspect, Jordan.

Jordan is devastated by the turn of events in her life.  She feels she can never love again since her initial fiancĂ© passed.  Life with her first and now second husband has been adequate, all she deserves, and she can control her emotions with a resilience an actor would be proud of. 

The more Rick studies and protects Jordan, the more her feelings seep between the cracks.  She doesn’t want to care, yet she feels a need for him to believe in her innocence.  If he believes her, maybe she can allow for a little happiness again…unless one of them becomes the next victim.  


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