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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lunch With An Author

           Remember that game “If you could meet someone famous, living or dead, who would it be”? Well, if you’ve read this blog before, you know I love to meet authors (okay, I’ll make exceptions for several actors: Hugh Jackman, Antonio Banderas, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot and Mark Harmon. Oh my! Be still my heart)). And if I could have lunch with them? Oh my gosh! How cool would that be?
            Who am I kidding? I’m such a fan girl. I’d probably gush all over them (yes, there is precedence for that statement as I have gushed over a favorite author) and I probably wouldn’t be able to eat a bite (hey, that might be the secret to weight loss….dine with an author you idolize).
            So who would I choose? I’ve met many authors and as a group, they are warm, generous, sweet and lovely people. Victoria Alexander? Wonderful woman and I did have the opportunity to meet her. Kathryne Kennedy and Jennifer Ashley? I have the honor of knowing them both and lovelier people you won’t find.  Jodi Thomas? Yes, another gracious and kind author (who, surprisingly did not run from me when I blurted out “I love you”. Of course, she knew I was talking about her writing….at least, I hope she knew that). I would love to meet Tessa Dare because I love her witty, so satisfying novels.
            Oh, wait! While not a romance author, I would love to meet…and maybe have lunch with….or at least sit at the same table with Stephen King. I could tell him how very badly he scared me when I was fourteen and how much I’ve loved being terrified by him ever since. That wouldn’t be gushing, would it?
            So, who would you choose?
As always, happy reading!


  1. Living in Chicago, I see a lot of 'famous' authors. Met Susan Elizabeth Phillips at the grocery and a local book store (where else? LOL). Would love to have met Margaret Mitchell to get her insight into her epic Gone with the Wind. Fun topic.

  2. Who else would I say but Sandra Brown?! Also I would love to meet Philippa Gregory and I agree with meeting Stephen King.
    Lyndee, I don't think I've run into any at the grocery store or on errands, but who knows!
    There are many I have met at conferences, also, otherwise I would have to have a really big list. And meeting any author is great because there's so much to chat about all the time:)

  3. Lyndee, I've only met one author at the grocery store. Her name is Anna Questerly and she writes Young Adult (lovely woman, by the way). Everyone else has been through conferences or my writing group. Margaret Mitchell...excellent choice!

    Dawn, chatting with Sandra Brown (love her) would make my day.....if I could quit gushing long enough!