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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dawn Kunda Reviews THE DRESSMAKER by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck

A romance in Paris sounds like the only place acts of love can’t go wrong.  Claude Reynaud, a talented and handsome dressmaker, has a different take on the elusiveness of the love of his life.

Claude is content to be a small town tailor in a little berg, Senlis, outside Paris.  His first wife left him when he wouldn’t make a name for himself in Paris.

Eight years later Claude met Valentine.  She came in for a fitting for her wedding dress.  He couldn’t think of anything else other than the beautiful and seductive Valentine and why she wanted to marry someone she didn’t love.

He’d make it his mission to change her mind.

Valentine knew her fiancĂ© since childhood and it only seemed right they end up together.  Yet, she lets Claude seduce her.

Claude does whatever he can, including accepting a position with a renowned design company in Paris, to please Valentine.  She is pleased, but is it enough?

Sip on French wine, smell the apple blossoms, and feel the satin surrounding the love affair of a dressmaker and an artisan while you follow their pattern of love.


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