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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Book At A Time?

When you read a book, are you one of those readers who starts it, reads all the way through, finishes it and basks in a story well-written before you plunge into another story?
Oh, I so envy you! I am NOT one of those readers. And I’m not sure why. Have I taken multi-tasking a step too far? Maybe.
I am currently reading four novels….no! Wait! That’s five novels. Well, four novels and a resource book but it still counts. This is the breakdown. I have one in my bedroom on my night stand (yes, right beside one of my TBR piles). I have one I keep at work and it will stay there until I finish it (because I do try to take at least thirty minutes for lunch now instead of working straight through which I used to do). I have one in my purse because one never knows when one will be stuck waiting somewhere and I’d rather read than twiddle my thumbs (I also carry a small notebook and pen because one never knows when inspiration will strike). The research book is on my desk in the computer room and lastly (I’m almost embarrassed to admit this), but I have a book in my powder room.
Oh, I forgot my Kindle, which I read while walking on the treadmill (a habit I picked up from HEAT’s lovely webmistress). So that makes six! Six books I am currently reading and you know what’s funny, I can pick up any one at any time, read a sentence and be back in the story just like that. It’s a little scary.
            So what about you? One book, two books, three books, four? 

As always, happy reading!


  1. Hi Marie, I'm afraid I am a one book at a time girl. Not really good with the multitasking thing unless its laundry while writing or walking on the treadmill while reading. Actually, I don't read unless I am on the treadmill, so if I want to know what happens next then I must get in my exercise. It's a great motivator! Of course on vacations, I read snuggled up on the couch, but it is still only one book at a time, but then again it is usually one book in a day :-}

  2. Hi, I am a multiple book reader. 3-4 or more at any time. Yes like you can pick one up and be right back in in a few seconds. 1 in the car, never know 1 in a bag/purse, 1 in back room, in office where ever i am i usually have a book or my e reader..There are so many books to read that it is hard to just read 1 at a time.In just a couple hours 1 is done and starting on another.

  3. Impressive how many of you can read so many titles at once. Like Alexis, I'm usually one at a time-sometimes two. I'm always afraid I'll forget the details if I leave a book sit too long while being distracted by another.

  4. Alexis, Holly & Dawn.....
    Thanks so much for stopping by. It's amazing how many people think I'm strange (and perhaps I am) for reading so many books at one time, but I've always been like this. One would think I would have done better in school with this capability but alas no (I was one of those who was told I'd do better if I applied myself).

    I agree with you, Holly, there are just too many great books out there and the best ones seem to come out all at once. What's a girl to do but read more than one at a time!