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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Healing Grace by Lisa J Lickel

Lickel gives her readers another taste of her rich narrative and troubling life decisions in Healing Grace. 

Grace has a special healing power above what she learned in medical college as a physician’s assistant.  When the power fails her to heal her husband, she runs, thinking she can outrun her troubled faith.

States away, she meets the endearing Ted who also needs medical assistance of a kind that isn’t discovered yet. 

Is this a test of Grace’s healing powers, faith, or something bigger? 

Ted wants the beautiful woman next door, yet with a failing prognosis, how can he subject her to temporary love?  And will he dare to ask her to try her special healing just one more time-for him, for them?

Healing Grace dives into a slew of emotions brought on by the caring and faith of friends and family experiencing the ill health of a loved one.  Lickel is artful at raising the unspoken questions of the mind and leaving the reader with a thoughtful interpretation.

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