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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dark Angels by Karleen Koen

Dark Angels by Karleen Koen


Alice Verney has a lot of faults mixed with noble traits for an upstanding woman in the court of Charles II of the seventeenth century. 
After coming home to England from the court of Louis XIV of France, Alice finds her alliances have changed, yet she knows what she wants.  Or at least she thinks she does.

Alice knows which man is best for the ladies of the court and certainly thinks an older gentleman will serve her well.

Little does she realize that the only man, Richard Saylor, who can fill her heart, has little to give in the form of wealth. 

Richard has his own problems as the woman he’s chosen to betroth is picked by the king for his next mistress.

What a problem.  Today, we choose marriage for love and companionship, whereas the centuries ago wealth and standing were the number one instigators of a match.

Koen plays the heartstrings of history magnificently, yet knows how to throw true love together amidst the political and class pressures.

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