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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Unsung Hero

     Pirates and scoundrels and rakes, oh my! Cowboys and Highlanders and Dukes. Let’s not forget spies and corporate raiders, doctors, lawyers and military men. Lawmen and thieves, too. These are the heroes who populate the novels we love. And admittedly, we fall in love with each one as we read their stories.
     Why wouldn’t we? Indeed, how can we not? Each and every one has something to offer. Excitement and daring. A chance for redemption or forgiveness. The promise of love, eternal and everlasting.
     How many times have you been lost in the pages of a romance and fallen in love with the wounded Duke, the one who, despite it all, falls in love with the heroine, no matter how hard he fights it? Or the Highlander, bound by duty, who falls for the spirited daughter of the rival clan’s laird? Or the lawman, sworn to uphold the law, who can’t help loving the woman who breaks those laws.
     Even lonesome cowboys have their code of honor. I admit, I have a certain weakness for cowboys. This weakness dates back to my younger years when I saw my first John Wayne movie, but then again, I have a weakness for debonair spies (James Bond, anyone?) and men in uniform. Oh, and let’s not forget sea captains….I have a weakness for them too, but what about the unsung heroes? The men whose stories aren’t told in the pages of a book? The men who work hard every day and come home, kiss their wives and read bedtime stories to their daughters? Or play catch with their sons? He may not be an Earl. He may not be rich as Midas, but he’s still a hero. At least in my eyes.
 So who’s your favorite? And aren’t you glad you don’t have to choose?

As always, happy reading!

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