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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Killer Affair by Cindy Dees

Killer Affair By: Cindy Dees
Nothing’s more powerful than a woman saving a man.  Too bad he doesn’t remember the event.

A plane crash into the ocean on the way to a tropical island can be a real nightmare.  Couple that with the fact that the Sex on the Beach Killer is at loose.

Maddie and Tom have a distaste for each other.  He doesn’t remember the plane he flew crashed into the ocean, leaving Maddie to rig a floating device and haul this hunk of a man to the shore.  He only sees their opposite natures-she likes to shop and impress and he likes it simple.

One of them is acting.

When they have to act together, such as pretending to be a loving couple in order to stay alive on the killer’s beach, can their real personalities appear and meld together?  Or is hot sex the only thing in common?

Cindy Dees Packs a lot of story in a short space.  Perfect for summer readers who beg for reading time, but have so many other things to do.

 Happy Reading, Dawn

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