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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Reader’s Guide to Author-Speak

A crazy idea came to me the other day. I was trolling the social networks and noticed a number of authors using words that I would consider industry lingo. I wondered how many readers read these posts or tweets and think to themselves “What is that?”

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone did a short one page sheet that defined the author-speak for our readers? I mean, it could be fun culling all our usual phrases. I thought of a couple right off the top of my head:

WIP –Work in Progress, the manuscript we are working on at the moment. Sometimes there is more than one and sometimes said WIP never makes it to the Submission stage as we scrap it and start something else :-}

DH – Dear Husband. Also, DD – Dear Daughter, DS- Dear Son. I’ve never seen DM for Dear Mom. DD for Dear Dad would be confusing with Dear Daughter.  I love these because as a romance writer, everyone is definitely “dear.” Maybe we should start DR and DF for Dear Reader and Dear Fan. What do you think?

BBM – the Big Black Moment. This is something I work really hard on as it was a weakness of mine and I’ve been bound and determined to master it. In fact in Passion of Sleepy Hollow, Katrina said something so terrible I wasn’t sure I could get her and Braeden back together. Luckily, my DH gave me an idea :-)

There are tons more, but I’m thinking there is someone better out there who can put this together. Unless there already is one?

Is there an acronym, word or phrase you are confused by? One you really like? How many can we list?

Always, Lexi

P.S. I have another ebook up for grabs for one lucky commenter. Just sayin’


  1. Haven't heard of BBM before

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Yeah, that's a tough one. I hate doing it to my characters, but it makes the end so much more satisfying :-)