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Friday, June 6, 2014

Alexis Walker Reviews MISCHIEF AND MAGNOLIAS by Marie Patrick

Marie Patrick delights once again with Mischief and Magnolias. This beautifully written love story is set in Mississippi during the Civil War, but what is great about this book is that the conflict between the heroine and the hero is not derived from the opposing sides of the war. No, in this story it is much more personal. Remington Harte and his officers have commandeered not only Shaelyn Cavanaugh’s home, but her family’s riverboats as well. No one takes Shaelyn’s riverboats.

The story begins with many events that cause the reader to smile as Shaelyn tries to get Remy to leave her home through various pranks from molasses in his boots to vinegar in his coffee and more. But as her steamboats disappear, one after another, along with the men manning them, the story grows serious until the climatic scenes which will have the reader on the edge of her seat!

The beauty of this story is not simply the historical accuracy we have come to expect from a Marie Patrick book, but also the heartwarming love that develops between the two main characters as they discover that only together can they defeat the Gray Ghost and insure their own happily ever after. This is a wonderful romance that will have a reader flying through the pages.  Beware though, it had me up until after 2:00am finishing it!

Enjoy, Alexis

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