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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cop Town by Karen Slaughter

Atlanta, Georgia, November 1974.  Not quite historical, but an important and volatile time for people of different religions and colors.


This is a fantastic novel enveloping the combat among people, different levels of love for your fellow man, and set with the Atlanta Police Department.  Of all places, wouldn’t you think a police department would be fair and balanced?


Kate Murphy, Jewish, white female, it matters in the story, encounters her first horrific days as an Atlanta cop. 

The city and its inhabitants are all residents, yet all different in color, religion, and sexual preferences.  This includes the cops.

 Kate reunites with a former schoolmate, Dr. Phillip “Zipless” and takes up his offer to relieve her sexual urges.9780345547491

Officer Jimmy Lawson also needs help releasing his secret tendencies.

The thing that truly unites all these characters is the search for the cop killer.  Physical, verbal, and alcohol abuse drive the cops to fight amongst themselves until Kate takes a chance and trusts her instinct.

Trust Karin Slaughter’s intense and thrilling ride through her rendition of the ‘70’s in Atlanta to wonder if any other author can match the aggressive nature she uses to reveal and exhibit a former America.

Cop Town is available June 24, but put it on your pre-order list!

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