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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Interview with Anne Marie Becker and a Giveaway

Alexis: Today we have Romantic Suspense author, Anne Marie Becker and she's here with a giveaway!  Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win :-)

Welcome, Anne Marie. Everyone has their own writing process…how they come up with ideas, how they name their characters, etc. Can you describe your writing process?

Anne Marie: My ideas come from many places—dreams, the news, real life. Sometimes a story begins with a character “speaking” to me. Sometimes it’s a scene, a plot point or an interesting twist. I find the first few chapters the easiest, when I’m getting to know my characters and just having fun. Then I try to plot the major points in the story and write the first draft as fast as possible. My process usually involves several rounds of editing, especially since I write dark, twisted psychological romantic suspense and sometimes the twists don’t come to me until I’ve edited a bit.

Alexis: It’s good to know those psychological twists don’t come naturally ;-) What are you working on now?

Anne Marie: I’m writing the final installment in my Mindhunters series, END GAME. While each of the six books are standalones with happy-ever-afters, there’s a decades-old murder mystery running through the entire series that will be wrapped up in this final book. I’m hoping to release it by the end of the year.

Alexis: That’s awesome!  I know your readers can’t wait! Why did you choose this sub-genre of romance?

Anne Marie: I grew up reading mysteries, thrillers, and horror. And then I discovered romance novels. Romantic suspense blends the best of two worlds. In fact, love is a type of suspense in and of itself. It can be as much a thrill as danger. The suspense of falling in love, the anticipation of a first touch, the thought that at any moment you could lose everything… These are things that keep readers like me turning the pages.

Alexis: What a great point. I never thought of love that way before.

What has been the most memorable fan comment you ever had?

Anne Marie: I was thrilled when a reader told me she’d reread the entire series (the books that are available) a couple times already. Such interest in my characters and series is a major compliment.

Alexis: Oh wow. That really is. What are your favorite traits of Catherine and Max in your recent release ACCEPTABLE RISK?

Anne Marie: Catherine is a nurturer, but she has a dark secret that haunts her. I love how she’s efficient and responsible and wants to do the right thing for the people she loves. She’s determined to seize control of her life and make amends to start again. 

Max is an alpha male all the way. He wants to protect those he loves—mostly from himself and his inheritance. He’s seen firsthand how the money and power associated with his family name can change people.

But these two friends and coworkers won’t be able to resist each other much longer, and it was fun to write that scenario.

And now it’s my turn to ask a question – what are your favorite traits in a hero and/or heroine? Comment for a chance to win your choice of a digital copy of one of my books.

Alexis: Hey everyone, check out this blurb of ACCEPTABLE RISK

Book five of The Mindhunters

To repay a debt, resourceful receptionist Catherine Montague has been living a lie, and her secret betrayal eats at her conscience. She knows what she has to do to reclaim her life, but revealing the truth could mean losing everything, including the agent she’s fallen in love with. 

For sexy ex-SEAL Max Sawyer, hunting killers gives him a sense of fulfillment he never would have found if he’d followed the path that was his birthright. However, when his latest mission goes horribly wrong, releasing a hardened criminal in Max’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas, it’ll take all of his charm to convince the beautiful and resilient Catherine to serve as a buffer between him and the painful ties from his past.

Amid a manhunt, the re-emergence of a serial killer, and the activity of an organized crime ring known as the Circle, Max and Catherine may be the only ones who can set things right again. That is, if Max can forgive Catherine for her deception before a killer claims her. But is mercy a risk he’s willing to take?

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About Ann Marie Becker:
Anne Marie has always been fascinated by people—inside and out—which led to degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Counseling.  Her passion for understanding the human race is now satisfied by her roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister, and award-winning author of romantic suspense.  
She writes to reclaim her sanity.
Find ways to connect with Anne Marie at There, sign up for her newsletter to receive the latest information regarding books, appearances, and giveaways.

Alexis: Don’t forget to comment on your favorite traits for a hero or heroine for a chance to win one of The Mindhunter series books! That includes: ONLY FEAR, AVENGING ANGEL, DEADLY BONDS, and DARK DEEDS.


  1. I like the thread of mystery (big secret) running throughout the series. Sounds fun! I think the H/H should have honor, strength and vulnerabilities and of course, genuine heart. The book sounds awesome, Anne Marie!

    1. Thanks, Marian! I'm having a lot of fun writing this series. I love your qualities for the H/H.

  2. intelligence

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Oh, tough one! I think they definitely should have a brain as well as honour, but they also have to be able to make the impossible decisions. Save one person, save a planet? A backbone and a sense of humour doesn't hurt either;). Series sounds great!

    1. Tina, I was waiting for someone to say sense of humor. I find that so sexy! :) And making "the impossible decision" is such a great one, too.