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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Favorite Hero

     The other day, someone asked me, out of the novels I’ve written, who is my favorite hero. One wouldn’t think the answer would be difficult, but surprisingly, it was hard because each one has something special to offer (at least to me).
      Let’s start with Marshal Austin Kincaid from my story, Angel in the Moonlight. He’s a by-the-book lawman, and doesn’t want anyone interfering with his investigation, but he’s got a heart the size of Arizona. When he admits to himself he’s in love with our heroine, Callie….well, all bets are off. It doesn’t hurt he has a mustache like Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck!
     Spenser Channing from Touch the Flame, and his hunky brothers, Jared and Luke. Oh be still my heart. What more could a girl ask for than a man who willingly takes in strays, whether they are of the animal variety or not? When he saves Reesa from certain death, well, my goodness, his life changes with a blink of an eye and so does hers.
     A Scandalous Woman’s Braeden MacAllister. Here’s a man who is afraid to love. Afraid.
     There’s Chase Hunter in A Good Man for Katie, who wants to love, but because of circumstances, can’t allow himself and Tristan Youngblood from A Treasure Worth Keeping. Tristan is a treasure hunter (who reminds me of Hugh Jackman *sigh*).
     Lastly, there’s Remington Harte from Mischief and Magnolias.  Of course, he’s as handsome as handsome can be (well, we are living my fantasy here) and a kind, loving man with just a hint of mystery and mischief.  Remy is a major during the Civil War (can you just see the brass shining on his uniform? Oh my, I can!)
     My latest hero is Brock MacDermott. He gives new meaning to the description “strong, silent” type and he looks remarkably like James Denton!
     And there they are….the heroes of my creation and you know what? Each one is remarkably like my husband. Wonder how that happened.
          Do you have a favorite hero? Who is he?
As always, happy reading!

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  1. I love all your heroes and totally understand why it is hard for you to choose. My fictional heroes give me the same problem because like you, they have traits of my husband and they are my fantasy. The trouble is, my next release has 2 heroes! You simply cannot ask me to choose :-)