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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Interview with Mary Behre and a Giveaway!

Alexis: Today we have Paranormal Romantic Suspense author Mary Behre who is giving away a signed copy of Guarded. Be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win this great book!

So Mary, when did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Mary:  I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a child. I was a voracious reader and loved getting lost in stories. I also had a huge imagination. I would pen stories in the back of my notebooks during class instead of paying attention to the teacher. Shhh…don’t tell them that. :-)

Alexis: My lips are sealed. What made you chose your title for this recent release?

Mary: Guarded aptly describes the heroine on multiple levels. She guards herself against getting too close to people. Everyone she’s ever loved has left her or died and she has no desire to face that kind of pain again. She’s also a telepathic veterinarian who communicates with animals. When animals begin to disappear from a local zoo, Shelley decides to guard the remaining ones by solving the mystery herself.

Alexis: That really is a great title and I so wish I had Shelley’s abilities. What are you working on now?
Mary: Aside from promoting the release of Guarded, I’m writing the next book in the Tidewater series, Energized (working title). Spirited was about Jules Scott, the oldest of the three sisters. Guarded is about Shelley, the middle sister. Energized focuses on Hannah, the youngest of the trio. Where Jules sees ghosts and Shelley talks to animals, Hannah’s crift (cursed gift) is of psychometry. She can touch a metal object and see into the mind of the person who last touched the object. Like the first two books, Energized is a paranormal romantic suspense.

Alexis: I love these ladies! I’m sure with such creative romances, that you have a ton of fans. What has been your most memorable fan experience?

Mary: A woman found out that I was doing a book signing in her grandson’s town. She mailed her copy of Spirited to me with a lovely note so I could sign the book and give it to her grandson to return to her. I keep that fan letter pinned to my bulletin board. I love receiving fan letters and get excited each time I receive a note, a Facebook post, a tweet, or an email. :-)

Alexis: Time to get personal, to the really important stuff. What is your favorite treat? Why?

Mary: My favorite treat is the gluten-free cupcakes made by this tiny bakery in Kensington, Maryland. I was in Kensington for a book festival back in April. My husband went into the store to ask about gluten-free cupcakes and the owner told him to come back in an hour, she’d make some fresh for me. They were the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Whenever I want to celebrate big, I make a point of going into the shop and picking up one of those divine creations!

Alexis: Oh, those sound heavenly. That place is a rare find. Your husband knows how to treat you well :-) Thank you so much for visiting Happily Ever After Thoughts. Do you have a question for our readers so they can have a chance at winning Guarded?

Mary: Yes. Okay readers, it’s your turn. What’s your favorite treat?

Alexis: While you are thinking about that check out this excerpt from Guarded.

Excerpt from Guarded
“Dev, the last time Jules and I saw each other—”
“You were both children.” Dev scooted closer to her on the couch and took her hands in his. “I don’t know everything about what went on with you two, but I remember enough to know the last time you saw her was hard. On both of you. Shells, give her a chance. I’ve gotten to know her. She’s a great person. A lot like you. And I know she misses you.”
“She does?” There was no missing the doubt and confusion in her eyes.
“She does.” He nodded. “Give yourself a chance. You deserve to know your family. Take it from someone who will never get an opportunity like this. What you have here is a gift. Grab it with both hands, Shells.”
The touch of her cool, delicate hands between his much larger ones sent a jolt of awareness through his body. From the way her eyes widened, she must have felt it too.
Shelley sucked in the right corner of her bottom lip. The sight of it thundered straight to his tightening groin. “All right. I’ll go with you to Tidewater, tomorrow. But that ocean view had better be spectacular,” she joked.
“Satisfaction guaranteed.”
“Thanks, Dev.” She beamed at him, then cleared her throat and pulled free from his touch. “Your girlfriend is one lucky woman.”
“Shelley, that relationship ended a long time ago. I . . . uh, don’t have a girlfriend.”
“You broke up? I’m sorry to hear that.” But the smile on her face and the dilation of her pupils belied that statement. She licked her lips and leaned closer to him. Her soft fingers entwined with his rougher ones again. “Really sorry.”
Awareness rocketed through him.
“Don’t be. I’m not.” And, oh God, her lips were right there. The scent of Shells, vanilla and sugar, teased his senses. His mouth watered for just a taste. Dev craved a taste of her, just a sample. Slowly, giving her time to pull back, he lowered his head.

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About Mary Behre
Mary Behre, author of the Tidewater series, is the lone female in a house full of males and the undisputed queen of her domain. She even has the glittery tiara to prove it. She loves stories with humor, ghosts, mysteries, and above all else, a good romance. When not writing, she enjoys reading, gluten-free baking, and hanging out at the beach with the most important men in her life, her family.

Alexis: Don’t forget to answer Mary’s question about your favorite treat for a chance to win Guarded.

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