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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aim For Love by pamela Aares

Aim For Love is a fabulous choice for readers of contemporary romance with a twist of suspense mixed in. 
I like the mix of Kaz Tokugawa’s buff and handsome body training to get into the big leagues of baseball and his warm “side” job of running his family’s peach orchard.  Even better, he practices the art of the samurai.  How hot is that?  Calm, cool and collected, yet deadly when necessary.
Kaz needs to concentrate on his goals.  Another “side” job is mandatory for his best friend.
And in walks Sabrina Tavonesi.Aim For Love: Contemporary Romance (The Tavonesi Series Book 5)
She’s beautiful and a Hollywood hit. 
Sabrina has a lot of problems not seen on film.  Other than her costar-boyfriend’s marriage proposal that she isn’t getting any good feelings from, she needs pain in her shoulder fixed before her next filming.
The art of samurai heels the body and Kaz has promised to help her.
A luscious tale unfolds as Kaz works Sabrina’s body into health.  He’d like to work on her more than just for her health, but he has a vow that gets in the way and she has the boyfriend. 
With a lot of variables against them, it’s a must read to find out how Kaz and Sabrina satisfy everyone including themselves.

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