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Friday, November 21, 2014

Cruise of a Lifetime: Day 7 – Mykonos, Greece

On this morning we were especially excited because a friend of ours had recommended a particular beach for us to try. However, when we docked, the weather was not conducive to tanning. In fact, we had 35mph-40mph winds, so it turned into a bundle up and explore day…and we did :-)

Mykonos, unlike Santorini, was close to sea level which made access to the town of Salparo fairly easy. 

We discovered many little Greek Orthodox churches with their signature blue domes and found this quaint one, right on the ocean’s edge.

We walked down the many “streets” enjoying the architecture and views. It was a bit like walking through a maze, but I’m sure the locals are familiar with every corner.

At one point we entered a museum which gave us a glimpse of what the inside of some of the older, preserved homes would look like.

I loved wandering through the walkways as we never knew what we would discover.
One quaint little courtyard was so beautiful that we stopped in a restaurant there for refreshments. Yes, my husband just had to try another local beer.

What was different about the walkways in this town, was they had used white paint between all the stone as if they wanted to draw attention to it. Also, scooters and even small cars drove through.
Of course we didn’t have a map, so sometimes we got lost. One wrong turn brought us to a dead end and a grammar school. 

But getting lost was no problem because all we had to do was look for the sea and we could find our way back to the ship. And though we didn't go to a beach, we did get to sit by the water and dangle our hands in it :-)

I was so glad that I found the one Celebrity cruise that stopped at both Greek islands, Santorini and Mykonos, as each had its own special atmosphere and both were very friendly places.

Always, Lexi

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