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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Pearl by Anonymous

I read this unique Victorian erotic volume in Dublin, Ireland.  I consider myself to have hit a home run when having a cocktail in the lounge and browsing a shelf of books left by other visitors when I happened on it.

It’s the type of novel that keeps the curiosity mounting as each storyline begs a different partner(s) and scene for a sexual escapade.the pearl perennial forbidden classics paperback by anonymous author ...

The novel is a combination of sexual fantasies not normally talked about or admitted in nineteenth century England.  The chapters come from an informally published gossip rag of the upper echelon published from 1879-1880 before it disappeared for nearly a hundred years.  Of the  eighteen issues published, the selections chosen will make you blush.  And smile.

The writing is exquisite and timely with the Victorian age.  Vulgar language is unnecessary as plain talk tells it all.  Sex may have not been openly talked about in this age, yet don’t fool yourself that it wasn’t practiced in many savory traditions behind closed doors.

Treat yourself to a trip overseas and between the sheets when you read this story.
Happy reading,


  1. Yes, Alexis, I think you would thoroughly enjoy this novel as you also put great imagery and creativeness with a classic twist into your novels.
    I believe it was published in '76 after someone compiled stories from a rag written over a hundred years ago. And of course, we of this age assume or like to think that we created erotic sex. I'm sure it has been around since humans existed!