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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Question of Guilt by Julianne Lee

Definitely a historical novel not to miss. 

Mary Stuart, cousin of Elizabeth I, wife of several heartless and childish men, beautiful and tall, and Queen of Scotland, was a naive and gracious queen.  The last years of her life ended for a questionable reason.  The story retells Queen Mary’s turbulence in the1560’s.

Her sincerity and kindness to all, even the traitorous, held her in a constant position to be attacked by her enemies.  She loved the men she married and some were her enemy.

Too bad these men didn’t have better ideals for their queen and wife.  The last two husbands were her downfall.

While married to Henry Darnley, he was killed.  Mary could not believe her next husband, Bothwell, may have set her up as the murderer.

Back to present day 1587 where Janet de Ros, wife of a wealthy merchant, cannot hold back her interest in Queen Mary’s true story. 

Janet doesn’t believe Queen Mary killed her husband, Darnley, nor is she certain that Queen Mary plotted against England’s queen, Elizabeth I. 

Against her husband’s wishes, Janet continually meets with restricted people who may have a clue to the truth about Queen Mary.  Janet’s inquiries leave her and her husband in danger of resurrecting the past and possible family connection to the treachery, which could lead to problems of their own.

Julianne Lee chose a spectacular route to study all the stories and rumors about the end of Queen Mary’s life and who’s to blame.  Love can lead to a dangerous path, and sometimes history should be left alone.  

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