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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marie Patrick Interview, Release of Kiss in the Shadows and a GIveaway

Lexi: I’d like to welcome our own Historical Romance author Marie Patrick who is giving away an ecopy of A Kiss in the Shadows. Be sure to answer her question for a chance to win! This book is up for pre-order and releases tomorrow!

Welcome, Marie. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

Marie: I was 14 and had just started reading historical romances (Jennifer Wilde, Love’s Tender Fury was my very first romance…..The Flame and the Flower was the next and boy, was I hooked!). Now, what made me think I could write? I have no clue….still don’t, but for reasons I can’t explain, it’s my passion and I have to do it. 

Lexi: Which authors inspire(d) you? 

Marie: Well, you, for one. Jennifer Ashley, Kathryne Kennedy, Shirlee Busbee, Judith McNaught, Victoria Alexander, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Caris Roane and the list goes on. There are so many talented authors out there (and not enough time to read them all!). 

Lexi: Aw, you are so sweet. What are you working on now? 

Marie: Right now, I’m working on Book 2 of the MacDermott Brothers. This one is about Eamon, the youngest of the MacDermott boys. He’s proving to be as difficult as his older brother, Brock, was! 

Lexi: I’ve read A Kiss in the Shadows and Brock is definitely the strong silent type. Can’t wait to meet his brother! Why did you choose this sub-genre of romance? 

Marie: I love history and often feel like I was born at the wrong time. That being said, I think I would have a hard time with all the clothes the women between 1850 and 1900 wore. I couldn’t imagine having to drag on a corset (even worse, having it laced up tight!) and several petticoats…and that’s just the underthings! And the hoops beneath some gowns…..I will admit, I am not the most graceful person….I can just imagine what would happen if I wore hoops! 

Lexi: I totally agree. Way too many clothes in that time! Of all the books you’ve written, which is your favorite character? 

Marie: Oh, my! So difficult to choose….I’ve loved them all for who and what they are (at the time I was writing them and now), but after much deliberation, I’ll go with Joey Darling from A Scandalous Woman. She was the most daring and the most fun with her love of disguises. 

Lexi: I remember that book. You’re right, that heroine was very brave! Thank you so much for telling us a bit about yourself. I know your fans can’t wait until tomorrow when A Kiss in the Shadows releases.

For a chance to win Marie’s newest release, in the comments section, answer this question: What’s your favorite time period to read?

A Kiss in the Shadows blurb: 
     Danger and redemption lurk in the mountains of New Mexico. A killer with no conscience is on the loose, one who seems to be one step ahead of the law.
     Sheriff turned Bounty Hunter Brock MacDermott knows exactly what Zeb Logan is capable of because he has the scars to prove it. In an ambush eighteen months ago, Logan killed Brock’s brother, sister-in-law and their son. Brock has never forgiven himself for failing to keep them safe. Driven by his single-minded mission to find Logan and make him pay, hoping that by doing so he can finally find peace, he rides from town to town on his lonely quest—always careful to keep emotional attachments at arms length…
     …until Stevie Rae Buchanan insists on joining him. She upsets his careful plans with her kindness, courage and strength of mind, making him long for a different life, one with her by his side. But she, too, has seen first hand what this ruthless killer can do and she’s determined to stop him, with or without Brock’s help.

Marie Patrick has always had a love affair with words and books but it wasn’t until a trip to Arizona, where she now makes her home with her husband and two furry, four-legged “girls”, that she became inspired to write about the sometimes desolate, yet beautiful west. Her inspiration doesn’t just come from the wild west though. It comes from history itself. She is fascinated with pirates and men in uniform and lawmen with shiny badges. When not writing or researching her favorite topics, she can usually be found curled up with a good book. Marie loves to hear from her readers. Drop her a note at or visit her website at She can also be found on Facebook


  1. Congrats on your release! I love a wide range of eras to read... I choose whichever grabs my attention at a specific time... but I will say that Historicals are what got me hooked on reading! :)

  2. Gotta love those historicals, Colleen! I was a big reader before, but after reading my first two, I became a raging bookaholic! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Good luck with your new book, Marie! I admire that you know the history and can write an engaging story full of everything that keeps us all reading!

  4. Thank you, Dawn! I will admit that I love researching history and hope that comes through in my writing!

  5. like most time periods

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