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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Halloween Song. Do you know this one?

I've always loved Halloween. Probably why I have a number of romances with pieces of Halloween in them :-) 

This holiday has come a long way. There are such cool ways to carve pumpkins now (like this one in the picture that one of my readers did) and children's costumes are so improved over 20-30 years ago! Even adults get into the spirit now by decorating their yards and homes and even dressing up to give out candy, or to go to  those fun adult Halloween parties ;-) Dressing up is my favorite part of the holiday. But one thing I've noticed that I don't hear anymore is the Halloween songs we learned in school. I only remember two, but I always sing them at this time of year. I've posted my favorite. Do remember this one?

Witches on brooms with cats and bats
Ride round after dark in their funny black hats.
How queer are the noises on Halloween Night,
And there in the window I see a strange sight.

Great shinning eyes and a great, big nose,
I sit close to mother and curl up my toes.
It's old Jack o'Lantern as he peeks through the room.
A worse looking sight than a witch on a broom! 

I'm doing this from a very old memory, so I hope I got it right :-} Do you remember any Halloween songs?

Always, Lexi 


  1. Hmmm, I do not recall singing any Halloween songs from school... just the Monster Mash... I saw a really great costume 2 years ago... this kid came by to trick or treat and he created a costume that made him into the Whack A Mole game... very creative!
    Have a Happy Halloween!

    1. OMG what a great costume! That woudl have been great to see. You have a great Halloween too :-)