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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Hidden (Krewe of Hunters) by Heather Graham

Some suspense novels need help from the “other side” or as we like to call the viewable dead-ghosts!

Scarlet Barlow loves her job as a curator at the Conway Ranch near the Rockies of Colorado.  She found this sanctuary after she left her FBI husband, Diego McCullough.
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Scarlet had reasons for leaving her husband, but I always find it hard to understand why problems aren’t worked out when it’s obvious that the couple still loves each other. 

Scarlet and Diego will fill you in on their story when Scarlet is a suspect in a murder case and she calls for his help.  Yeah, that means they have a chance!

The heinous murders of the owners of the Conway Ranch in the 1850’s are now being replicated starting with relatives to the original victims.  Unfortunately, Scarlet is a descendant and she needs Diego’s help along with unexpected assistance from the ghosts created as new victims fall.

Heather Graham tells a story that I recommend if you love the spooky atmosphere of Halloween.  Romance, ghosts, and murder fit her series of Krewe of Hunters to a “T.”

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