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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Interview with Contemporary Romance Author Marianne Rice plus a Gift Card Giveaway!

Lexi: Please welcome contemporary romance author Marianne Rice! She's brought a little something for you, so be sure to enter the rafflecopter at the end ;-)

So Marianne, what are you most excited about in this new release?
Marianne:  Staying Grounded is the first book in my Rocky Harbor series, which makes it the foundation for the books to follow. The Riley siblings were first introduced in Wilde for You, and each was screaming for his/her own book. I can’t wait for you to meet them all!

Lexi: What are you working on now? 

Marianne: I’ve started the “Well Paired” novels. They take place in a coastal Maine town and all have something to do with the local winery. I love visiting family-run wineries in Maine and New Hampshire, and have incorporated many of the places I’ve visited and wines I’ve enjoyed into this new series. I hope to have them ready for 2018.

Lexi: What are your favorite traits of the two main characters in Staying Grounded?

Marianne: I love witty dialogue between two characters. Sometimes it doesn’t fit with the personality of the hero or heroine so I have to tone it down, but it matched well with Graham and Maggie.

Lexi: What was the strangest thing that inspired a story for you?

Marianne: I went through a big Zumba craze. I went to weekly classes for two years. One night while dancing (if you can call it that; I usually only dance if I’ve been drinking), a story started percolating about a Zumba instructor who had worked hard to get in shape. I thought, what kind of man would be her polar opposite? How about a man who owns a bakery? And there you have Sweet on You.

Lexi: That's great! Speaking of men, what do you think everyone should know about your husband?

Marianne: Many people assume that a romance author has a romantic partner. All I can say is, “Ha Ha Ha Ha!” While I love my husband dearly, after twenty-three years together he still hasn’t a clue what romance is. He’s dedicated, hard working, loyal, trust worthy and good looking—all traits we want in our heroes. But romance? Not a drop. I guess when it comes down to it, I’ll take the five traits he does have over romance any day. But don’t tell him that; I’m still holding out.

Excerpt from Staying Grounded

“I haven’t been with Ashley, or any other woman, since I met you.”
Her girly parts tingled at the admission. But still…
“Congratulations. You must be very proud. And horny.”
Graham smirked and her toes curled. Double damn! Her snarky comments were supposed to piss him off, spar a fight, not twist his lips into a magnetic grin.
“You might not believe it, but I have pretty good control over my…sexual tendencies.” The words rolled off his tongue and she had to clench her thighs. “Except when I’m around you.”
“That’s a good one. Do most girls fall for that line?”
“First time I used it. How’s it working?”
Too. Damn. Well. “I’ve heard better.”
Graham stood, stalking her with his eyes, doing that unfair panty-dropping grin thing with his perfect lips.
“Maggie.” He stepped closer, and she told her legs to move backward, but they wouldn’t listen to her and stayed locked, waiting, wanting, Graham to come closer. “You do things to me I don’t understand.”
“Ditto.” Oops. She didn’t mean for that to slip out.
“I want you to think about kissing me as much as I think about kissing you.”

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About Marianne

Marianne Rice writes contemporary romances set in small New England towns. Her heroes are big and strong, yet value family and humor, while her heroines are smart, sexy, sometimes a little bit sassy, and are often battling a strong internal conflict. Together, they deal with real life issues and always, always, find everlasting love. When she’s not writing, Marianne spends her time buying shoes, eating chocolate, chauffeuring her herd of children to their varying sporting events, and when there’s time, cuddling with her husband, a drink in one hand, a romance book in the other.

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