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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Researching Reality for POISONED HONOR (Broken Valor #2) by Lexi Post


When I started working on Poisoned Honor (Broken Valor #2), I was excited. My husband is a Public Affairs Officer for the Coast Guard Auxiliary, he produces the AUXAIR newsletter for this district, and we have many friends from past and present Coast Guard Stations. I figured all my research would be at my fingers tips.

Boy, was I wrong!

I've read not only Coast Guard Manuals, helicopter specs and training requirements, but also harrowing real accounts of when the Coast Guard was called upon to save lives. Every bit of it has been educational, some of it fascinating and some of it heart-breaking like the story of the El Faro, a 790 foot freighter that sunk during a hurricane taking with it all 33 on board. My admiration and respect for the Coast Guard has grown tenfold.

But that research was just for my hero, Tyler Adams, a twenty-eight year-old rescue swimmer. When it came to my heroine, twenty-eight year-old psychologist Dr. Meghan Haskell, I needed to do more research. Luckily, my very good friend Deb, who is in that profession, was able to help me immensely and kept my characters from doing something illegal. With a safety-first, by-the-book hero and a very professional, ethical heroine, there was no way they would engage in illegal activity.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the story now. I can't wait for the release day on March 7th. However, I am looking forward to working a lot more on Eden Revealed (Eden Series #4). Since that book takes place on the planet Eden and since it is a world I invented, I get to make all the rules. It's one of the perks of writing different sub-genres of romance ;-)

Well, I better get back to writing, so you can enjoy reading my stories.

Always, Lexi

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