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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Royal Mistress by Anne Easter Smith

 I highly recommend this novel due to the historical virtue and the fictional emotions, conversations, and thoughts interpreted by Anne Easter Smith. 

The novel includes Edward IV in the 1470’s and his last mistress, Jane Shore.  Love is not a typical reason for marriages, especially in the noble circle, at this time.  But it does exist.

Jane has what we would see as a tumultuous life in today’s standards.  It was, yet it was also normal survival in the reign of Edward the IV.The Kings Grace

Jane, a daughter of a top mercer (clothier) was married to her father’s pick, although she had found the man of her dreams with little knowledge of who this man really was.

A lot of men find Jane amazingly attractive and with a quit wit. And the man with his eye on her is none other than the king. 

Is the king the one she wants, though? There are many top nobles noticing her, and it’s customary for them to have mistresses- yes, it was expected back then.

The story is priceless in its path through Jane’s adult life, the men who love her, a need for true love, and the consequences of living in England in the fifteenth century.

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