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Friday, February 10, 2017

One Girl's Ice Pick Moment is Another Girl's Fantasy!

Okay, we just finished working the Chocolate Affaire last weekend and, as usual, we had a ball.  Many of you stopped by to say Hi and pick up our latest books, and we sooo appreciate it!  Huge thanks to everyone who came by this weekend.

Now Thursday has arrived and (shocker) I'm without a blog topic for tomorrow...and since I'm frantically querying agents, my brain is high-centered when it comes to thinking up a topic...all I can see is the list of agents and their do's and don'ts.  LOL  Since I already blogged about nothing a few weeks ago, I'm pretty sure my friend Patti won't let me get away with that again.  So I went out and slogged through my file of older blogs to see if there was anything you might find fun...and there was...a Chocolate Affaire story!  So...forgive that this is a retread from another blog back in's still a great story that I think you will find enjoyable.

It was February-2008, and Saturday night at The Glendale Chocolate Affaire when we had what my peeps refer to as an “ice pick moment”.  That's one of those spaces in time where something “icky” happens that is so vivid in your mind that you’re sure it’s going to take an ice pick to remove the memory.

At the time, our esteemed ringmaster extraordinaire, Kayla Janz, had her teenage daughter along for the weekend – a beautiful young lady who is just a treasure. The Kid spent the weekend pretty much joined at the hip to one author after another. She ran the register, bagged books, climbed ladders, stood on tables to hang lights, fetched drinks (non-alcoholic, of course), and ran many and miscellaneous errands…without a single complaint.

What a kid!

Anyway, the funny moment I wanted to share with ya had to do with The Kid and our hunky cover model, C. J. Hollenbach, who had spent the entire day in a pirate’s costume for the sheer enjoyment of all of the female fans. As it began to get late, he took a quick stroll over to the office and grabbed his clothes so they wouldn’t accidentally get locked up for the night, forcing him to hail a cab for the airport in  pirate garb. Upon returning to the tent where we were set up, C. J. continued to sign autographs and have his picture taken with one adoring woman after another.

As we neared the end of our stint on Saturday night, it was getting late and it was cold…and we were all dead tired. The crowd had thinned out and we were starting to pack up the books and fold up the tent, so to speak. As several of us hovered near one of the back corners of the tent, packing up the cash register, we heard a muffled squeal from behind us. Turning toward the sound, we found The Kid standing board straight with her eyes huge and round and her hand covering her mouth. Kayla asked what was wrong.

The Kid scurried forward into our midst and squeaked out, “CJ’s changing his clothes behind the tent. Oh my God, he’s putting his pants on!”

What? A man in his underwear? What to do?

Well, our buddy Isabella, true to form, gave a throaty chuckle and nonchalantly waved her hand at The Kid. “Oh, Honey,” she said, “don’t worry about that. By the time you’re our age, it’ll mean nothing to you. It’s just a guy putting on his pants.”

The rest of us stared at Isabella like she’d lost her mind.  Just a guy putting his pants on?  Did she forget the HOT part?

Tina, craning her neck around the corner of the tent, said, “Are you kidding me? Hell, I’m looking!”

At which point, we realized we were all craning our necks to peek around the corner of the tent...much to the horror of The Kid.

Just goes to show you one girl’s ice pick moment is another girl’s fantasy.

The bottom line is that the kid recovered, the old broads got an eyeful, and C.J. gained a whole host of new fans.  All’s well that ends well...and, by the way, The Kid is married to a hunk of a guy today and has kids of her maybe one day she will hear her daughter exclaim, “Oh my God, he’s putting his pants on!”  And she too will smile as she remembers Saturday night at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire of 2008.

Be sure to check out C.J. Hollenbach's Facebook Page and get your own eye full.  LOL

That’s my story, sexy and sensational, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,



  1. Oh, the memories. We have sure had some fun over the years at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire. C J really drew in the crowd. The ladies loved him, and I sure don't blame them. He is a wonderful, sweet guy. BTW, I had the pleasure of driving him to his hotel so he didn't have to wait for a cab. That was back in the day before Uber. Thanks again for the memories, Kayce. Hey, do you think he might like to visit AZ again?

  2. I vow to never be too old to have it just being a hot guy putting his pants on. A good life axiom is "Never pass up a good chance to ogle a hot guy putting on pants. Or even better - taking them off!!!!!" Snicker :) Ahh, the good old days :)

  3. That's almost as good as seeing a guy changing into his swimsuit (speedos) in front of you. He used his van door to screen anyone on the beach from seeing him changing (there was no one there), but not from the road or parking lot. No undies were harmed in this transaction as he wasn't wearing any.