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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Indelible by Karin Slaughter

As we expect, Karin Slaughter has nailed another romantic suspense with a complex plot and love seeping in-between the sheets.

Here we have the police chief, Jeffrey Tolliver, divorced from the medical examiner, Sara Linton.  If they had a romance, married, then ended the romance, what could possibly renew the fire?

Another catastrophe!Indelible (Grant County, #4)

Jeffrey’s police force is held hostage at the police station.  Unfortunately, Sara had come to the station for work on a case.  They’re part of the group of the hostages, and the police are being killed off one by one.

In the midst of the tense situation, Jeffrey’s and Sara’s past is played out. I’m not too much in favor of stories going back-and-forth, but Slaughter pulled it off.  She kept the reader in-tune with what’s happened, what’s happening, and how Sara and Jeffrey manage to re-ignite the passion they once felt and never completely lost.


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